What is Educators' Participating Insurance?

In partnership with EMC National Life Company (EMCNL), the Educators’ Participating Insurance program is designed to provide school districts a means for offering top quality non-medical insurance benefits with the option to gain back unused premiums. A “win-win” for school districts. Unlike most programs, EMCNL is able to return unused funds to your district and reduce cost.

This program is designed to directly deliver the best value to your district. No subscription to trust, no third party control, no strings attached - it is your district’s contract. In the world of employee benefits, the promotion and perception of “lowest rates” with inferior products is prevalent and non-school entities amass significant profits and reserves that do not return to the district. EMCNL’s financial strength, as demonstrated via AM Best's ratings, is a known quantity. Consider this potential partnership and request a quote.

As the overseeing consultant on the program, MJBA can accommodate your direct request or that of your agent/broker.
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Group Term Life Insurance

Employer paid Basic Life and Supplemental Term Life for employees and dependents. EMCNL will offer competitive rates and innovative plan designs with a variety of riders and available features.

Group Short Term Disability Income Insurance

Available coverage offers a variety of elimination periods and benefit periods that incorporate the policy definitions you need.

Group Long Term Disability Income Insurance

Coverage offers great flexibility in plan design and critical assistance in obtaining Social Security Disability Income approvals. Also available is a special rider that will extend coverage past the normal benefit duration for some of the most serious of disabilities that result in dementia or the loss of two or more activities of daily living.