What is Individual Security Solutions™?

Individual Security Solutions™ is a program designed to assist individuals with individual based insurance needs. When employees often look to supplement their employer group benefits or have needs during transitional periods (i.e. graduation, new job, retirement, etc.), the marketplace is often a fragmented resource. To make sense of the many available options, MJBA engages professionals with successful and tenured backgrounds in their respective fields for individual based products.

Why Participate in Individual Security Solutions™?

For individuals, whether you're a current or former employee, a retiree, a college student, etc., you'll appreciate the extra level of protection and security we provide, while also benefiting from personal, one-on-one service.

Why Offer Individual Security Solutions™?

For many employers, attracting and retaining quality employees is becoming more and more challenging. To remain competitive, a greater number of employers are offering Individual Security Solutions™ to complement their core benefits.