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Each client has unique needs, but one thing is universal – objectives are best accomplished through a clearly defined plan. Although the process may vary by client, MJBA utilizes a three-step approach to clearly identify a plan for each client. These basic, conceptual steps form a cyclic array of services that proceed, to the needed level of complexity, in managing the plan(s). The three-step approach includes:


Analyze & Educate

  • Analyze plan performance
  • Educate all parties about the plan currently in place
  • Identify objectives

Services in this step include (but are not limited to):

  • Plan AnalysisReview existing benefit plan designs and utilization against industry norms and alternatives.
  • BenchmarkingCompare existing benefits to other/similar employers.
  • Risk AnalysisDetermine appropriate thresholds of risk transfer.
  • Cost AnalysisCompare existing costs to alternatives within the available marketplace.
  • Funding AnalysisProvide alternatives and compare cash flow, degree of complexity, and risk.
  • Compliance Analysis - Review existing plans for compliance and assist towards compliance with benefit related laws.


Design & Implement

  • Identify solutions
  • Offer viable plan modifications
  • Assist with implementation of changes

Services in this step include (but are not limited to):

  • Alternative Plan Analysis - Identify the impact of making changes to the current plan design.
  • Contractual Review - Ensure completeness and accuracy of contracts.
  • Plan Document/SPD Supervision - Ensure completeness and accuracy of the document.
  • Employee Communication - Assist with materials and presentations to employees.
  • Prevention/SolutionPrevent and resolve problems encountered throughout the process.


Manage & Monitor

  • Effective management of a plan
  • Analyze utilization
  • Apply underwriting checks & balances

Services in this Step include (but are not limited to):

  • Strategic PlanningIdentify and match objectives to corporate goals/philosophy.
  • Management Reporting - Prepare relevant data interpretation for review.
  • Research - Provide access to future benefit studies conducted by various sources.
  • Ongoing Support - Provide ongoing dedicated consulting and compliance related services as needed.

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